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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fear and loathing in Denver

I made an honest try to listen to the Presidential debate, I really did. But I only lasted about 20 minutes. It was like listening to two guys at a bus stop argue whether Obama or  Romney should become President. Neither one of these clowns seemed to know or understand any more about their economic ideas than I do, which is not a high bar.

And is there some reason Obama didn't jump all over Romney when he kept saying, "the share" paid by upper income people would not decline under his tax proposals? The trick here of course is the word "share," referring to the fact that he plans to cut rates across the board by 20% -- but boy howdy is that going to come to a different number of dollars for the one percent and for you and me. It's terrifying to think of my financial future as being in the hands of either one of these guys. As is all too often the case, I was left after my 20 minutes with the conclusion that if things are going to get better, it's all going to have to be by the bootstraps.

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